CGEMR 2012It is with great reluctance and much sadness that we have decided to cancel the CGEMR. We have had at least 20 cancellations, including two of our faculty, and there will be more cancellations to come. 

More importantly, we believe that we have a responsibility to join the public health effort to slow the virus down – what is being called “flatten the curve”, since the virus is past the point of containment. We recognize the near impossibility of maintaining the “social distancing” that the CDC and our Governor have recommended. Cancelling the workshop will remove the chance that we contribute to the spread of the virus in the community, and ultimately lowers the risk to medically vulnerable friends and loved ones.
We will be back in touch with you within the next two days after we have worked out the cancellation details. Meanwhile, please stay safe and healthy!!
The Portland Recorder Society Board
Susan, David, Laura, Susy, Jamison, Diane, Kathy, Boyd and Scott
Please contact registration coordinators David Solet and Susan Campbell if you are having any difficulties with the registration process: or call David at 206-659-9490.