Tuition, Fees and Scholarships

Basic Fee

The basic registration fee for the Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat in 2019 was $556. We expect 2020 to be similar, although we have not received enough information to calculate it exactly. This includes tuition, all meals and lodging in Wright Hall in a lower bunk. These rooms have multiple roommates and a shared bathroom.


  • EARLY BIRD! Basic registration fee for participants who register before December 1st, is $456.
  • All members of the Portland Recorder Society and/or the American Recorder Society receive an additional $10 discount.
  • Requesting an upper bunk in Wright Hall saves an additional $30.

Add-On Costs for Housing

Creevey Commons is the most popular housing option after Wright Hall because it has the most privacy.

  • For 3 people to a room: an additional $109 per person
  • For 2 people to a room: an additional $164 per person
  • For 1 person to a room: an additional $327

In Creevey Commons and Lindsay House, you MUST specify  who your other roommates are on the registration form. ALL of your roommates must register for Creevey/Lindsay before the workshop fills. If you only name one other roommate on the form, the fee will be for a 2-person room. If you are unable to arrange for roommates, please sign up for a private room or specify Wright Hall.

Scholarship Opportunities

Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat offers up to two full scholarships, covering tuition and room and board (but not including travel expenses) to a recorder educator or a student. Watch this page for more information on applying for our scholarships. Applications are accepted to January 15th, 2020. Click here to access the Scholarship form.