Links and Gallery

American Recorder Society: ARS is a national society with over 100 chapters in cities throughout the United States. Chapters hold many activities, including group playing sessions, teaching or coaching lessons and concerts. The national organization publishes a magazine and maintains a website with useful information for recorder players and historical information.

Oregon Coast Recorder Society: An ARS chapter, which sponsors the Winds and Waves Recorder Workshop held annually at the Sitka Conference Center.

Early Music Guild of Oregon: EMGO is an organization of early music enthusiasts, which offers workshops, performances and activities.

Early Music America: EMA sponsors early music performances and activities throughout the United States, including scholarships and youth activities.

Nickolas S. Lander Recorder Homepage: A website that contains all the information you might want to know about recorders.

Lazar’s Early Music: A store offering early instruments, online ordering and information about early music.

Boulder Early Music: A store offering early instruments with online service.

• Phil Neuman plays “Summertime” on a cornetto made out of a sweet potato.

• Gayle Neuman demonstrates how to make a crumhorn reed, part 1 of 8 parts.