Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat

CGEMR Renewed Virtually for 2021!

After a difficult year and much learning about our online connections, we are planning a two-day retreat with 6 leaders on March 20 and 21st, 2021. No, we won’t have the fun of our meals and evening dance and all the other one-on-one encounters as we make friends and exchange musical notes, but we will be able to play in virtual ensembles.

Keep watching this site to register for the 2021 CGEMR online, starting February 16th, 2021, when registration opens.

The Portland Recorder Society Board

Susan, David, Laura, Susy, Jamison, Diane, Kathy, Boyd and Scott

(Nostalgic pictures follow.)

CGEMR 2016

CGEMR 2016
Tutti session, 2016

CGEMR 2016
Core Faculty: Vicki, Laura, Phil and Gayle