Support and Donate

CGEMR 2012

There are many ways you can support the activities of the Portland Recorder Society and help us promote musical education and Early Music.

  • Become a Portland Recorder Society member.
  • Donate funds to the Portland Recorder Society.
  • Donate to the Jeanne Lynch Scholarship Fund which enables deserving students or teachers to attend the Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat.
  • Donate used musical instruments or items of interest to our Silent Auction sale, typically held each year in the spring at the Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat.
  • Attend Recorder Orchestra of Oregon concerts, typically in the fall and spring. Watch this site for announcements of times and places.
  • Donate to our efforts to commission original music by contemporary composers for works that showcase early instruments.
  • Help us make contacts to schedule a visit to a school to provide a program for the students to see and hear the many ways they can make music with recorders and early instruments.
CGEMR 2012

CGEMR 2012

The Portland Recorder Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Although we are a local chapter of the American Recorder Society, a national organization with over 90 chapters, we are not funded in any way by the parent organization. We need your contributions as regular membership fees do not cover the full operating budget. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. Click here to donate funds by check or charge card .

We are also a qualifying organization for Oregon Cultural Trust donations! This gives special tax advantages to Oregon tax payers.  It allows a person who makes a donation to PRS to make a matching donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust (up to $1000) and get an equal tax credit on their Oregon state taxes. To see if this benefit applies to you and for more information, see the OCF trust web site: and their tax FAQ page.