Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a commuter registration rate and may I commute to the workshop?

A: You certainly may commute to the workshop if you want to, but unfortunately we cannot offer a discounted rate for commuters. The fee Menucha charges us is based on a per-person rate for use of their facilities for classroom space, meals and  housing combined, so we cannot provide a lower commuter registration fee if you do not require housing or meals.

Q: What’s the deal with the meals?

A: Meals are served family style and there needs to be one volunteer server per table to assist with delivering hot dishes to the table, pouring drinks and busing dishes afterwards. The dining room flows best when just one person per table is moving around the room. We strongly urge each participant to volunteer as a server for at least one meal during the retreat. It’s fun and your table will appreciate you. Look for the sign-up board at Wright Hall to pick your time.

Q: How do I request semi-private housing in Creevey Commons or Wright Hall?

A: A limited number of rooms in Creevey Commons and Wright Hall offer more privacy than basic rooms. Each of these rooms can house one, two or three people. If you reserve a private room, you need to specify who will be your roommates (if any) in the registration form.

Q: What are the ways I can save on costs?

A: Here are the ways you can save significant dollars. Chop $10 off the registration fee if you are a PRS or ARS member. Since Covid, we are not able to offer other savings.

Q: May I bring along a non-participating spouse or significant other?

Yes, a nice idea, but it depends. Menucha has such limited space that we must limit the number of non-participants. The non-participant would also be responsible for the meals and housing costs. Contact the registration administrator, Susan Campbell, at to determine if your partner can be accommodated.