January, 2020: Jamison Forge

Recorder Spotlight- Jamison Forge

PRS Newsleter Editor, Recorder-Video Game Enthusiast
Hello all you wonderful Portland Recorder Society Members! My name is Jamison, and I Jamison Pic 1am the new editor for the PRS newsletter! You all have probably seen some updates here and there in the past couple of issues, and expect to see more! I am working to make the newsletter more interactive, more entertaining, and chock full of relevant recorder information from Portland and all the way around the world! Stay tuned for a newsletter overhaul over the next couple of months.

A little bit about me, I have played recorders all of my life, but was actually a composition and tuba/euphonium performance major in college.

Jamison Pic 2As brass playing waned in my adult life, I began picking up the recorder again and fell in love! My collection grew and I turned my focus to education, composition and performance on recorders. I have a whole collection spanning from Garkleins to a Great Bass and of course, my collection is still growing! I am still relatively new to the Portland Recorder scene (despite living here my whole life), as my focus is more internet-based, running a YouTube channel called Recorder Arcade.

Recorder Arcade is a fun channel where I take classic and new video game music and arrange it for recorder orchestra. Video game music is an expansive genre, spanning almost every genre of music out there, and composed by some of today’s greatest composers. I wanted to bring my love of games and recorders together to showcase to gamers that the recorder is an amazing instrument and not just a toy, as well as show non-gamers the amazing amounts of music out there that they may not otherwise have been exposed to. Check it out over at Recorder Arcade!

I’m so happy to be a apart of the PRS community now, and I look forward to playing with and working with you over the coming months, years, etc. Cheers!

-Jamison Forge