Open Mike Night

The Portland Recorder Society is offering a new event this year at the 2023 CGEMR workshop. An Open Mic event will replace the Saturday night English Country Dance. The Open Mic event is a prepared and rehearsed or an impromptu and spontaneous, free-flowing presentation for a solo or group of CGEMR attendees. This format allows performers to share their art and skill with the whole group in a low-key, fun and informal manner.

Below are the guidelines for participating in the Open Mic event:

  • Date, Time, & Location:  Saturday 18 March 2023, 7:00 pm, Menucha, Wright Hall
  • Sign up on arrival or the next day with practiced or impromptu performances
  • A signup board will be prominently displayed at registration/check-in and in Wright Hall the next day.  When signing up, list the number of people in the group, the names of the people or the group name, and any extra help needed for setup (chairs, stands, lights, etc.).
  • Please bring music stands and other standard accessories or instruments necessary for performing what you plan to perform. 
  • Most types of performances are accepted (e.g. music, poetry, skits, artwork, etc.) serious or silly, and costumes are optional but welcomed.
  • Performances are asked to be kept to 5-7 minutes.  In the event of extra time, an encore may be planned.

The Portland Recorder Society sincerely hopes that you will enjoy this new event and be encouraged to participate.  Please email the PRS at if you have questions.