PRS 2019-2020 Leaders

September 8, 2019; 2-5 pm:  Laura Kuhlman

Information to come.

October 6, 2019; 2-4 pm: Phil Neuman

De Organographia 013

Phil Neuman holding the tartold and contrabass sackbut

Phil Neuman, a performer on recorder, sackbutt, and numerous other wind and stringed instruments, co-founded and co-directs the Oregon Renaissance Band, which has performed for the Regensburg Early Music Festival, and recorded the CDs Carnevale and Now make we joye.  He has produced and recorded seven CDs for Pandourion Records including French Music of the 14th Century, Music of the Ancient Greeks, and The One Horse Open Sleigh.  He appears in the recent award-winning film “Buddymoon” directed by Alex Simmons, and recorded music for the recent remake of “Ben-Hur.”  He has written and recorded music for Oregon Public Broadcasting.  He has played for audiences on three continents, including performances at several ancient theater sites in Greece.  He teaches Recorder, Renaissance Winds, and Loud Band classes at the Community Music Center in Portland.  Phil is a member of The Trail Band, has performed under the direction of Christopher Hogwood and Nicholas McGeegan, recorded with the American Bach Soloists, and has played in the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, The Chicago Chorale, Handel and Haydn Society Orchestra, Mercury Chamber Orchestra and Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado.  He has composed, arranged and transcribed over a thousand works for recorder ensemble, brass ensemble, and symphonic wind ensemble, including “Theme and Variations” that won first place in the San Francisco Recorder Composition Competition.

November 3, 2019; 2-4 pm: Laura Kuhlman

See September, above.

December 1, 2019; 2-4 pm: Anthony Allen

Information to come.

January 5, 2020; 2-4 pm: Miyo Aiko

Miyo 2020Recently completed a KAZ Diplom (Artist Diploma) at the University of the Arts in Bremen, Germany, where she studied with Professor Han Tol. Having a keen interest in music ranging from medieval to modern, Miyo has premiered works by contemporary composers Natalie Williams, David Schneider and Agnes Dorwarth. She has performed in the Bloomington Early Music Festival and in the US, Germany, and Poland, including with Fortunata, Utopia, Affetti Amorosi, and Gamut Bach Ensemble. She has previously taught in the Indiana University Pre-College Recorder Program and at workshops in Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, and Bremen, Germany.

February 2, 2020; 2-4 pm: Jacob Breedlove

Jacob Breedlove is a musician, puppeteer, artist and teacher, who is devoted to sharing his love for history and human culture, especially through performance and teaching.

Special areas of focus are: Medieval and Renaissance music, early dance and drama, puppetry, the construction, repair and playing of ancient musical instruments, particularly harpsichord, clavichord, hurdy-gurdy, regal, vielle, viola da gamba, and capped reeds.

He has worked with Curtis Berak (LA), Jack Peters (SEA), Stefan Puchalski (Port Townsend), and Olympic Musical Instruments (Indianola), as apprentice in building, regulating, and repairing musical instruments.

Early on, he collaborated with Joanne Slivinski of Bellingham, Washington, forming successively the Medieval music groups Corrupted Endeavor, and Narrenschyffe.

For many years he has taught and performed with Shulamit Kleinerman and Seattle Historical Arts for Kids (SHAK), as well as performing and recording with numerous other ensembles, including Clay Martin Puppet Theatre (Don Juan, Dr. Faustus), Kim Pineda and the Benevolent Order of Music of the Baroque (BOMB), City Cantabile Choir, Sacred Flight, Strings of Compassion, Ave! Renaissance Women’s Choir, the sisters, Shulamit Kleinerman, Gary Plouff, the Portland Revels.

He has a 25+ year association with Camlann Medieval Village (Carnation, Washington) where he has demonstrated spinning, weaving, dying, performed Medieval music, built masks, stages, sets, backdrops and co-directed plays and many puppet shows including:

The Tale of Woe (1993)
The Cantigas of Santa Maria (1994)
The Old woman and the Devil (1999)
Auricula Meretricula (2001)
Auden and the Bear (2005)
Sir Orfeo (2008)
Sir Gawain and the Stone (2009)
The Book of Job (2010)
Sir Gawain and the Lion (2011)
The Wicked Sacristan (2013 & 2015)
Why the Sea is Salt (2014)

He also co-wrote and directed two Taoist dramas, Nothing and No One (2009), a public spectacle for Black Friday, and Taoist Entertainment (2006), a shadow puppet show based on Tang dynasty poetry, at Wolf Creek, Oregon, as well as making giant parade puppets for the Portland Day of the Dead Parade (2009).

He is currently working on projects with Emily Lau, Curious Voices (Portland), Stardust (San Francisco), and on his own puppet show based on the lives of Machaut and Landini, called The Art of Courtly Love.

March 1, 2020; 2-4 pm: Gayle Neuman (exception: meeting is in Room 5 next to the Dining Hall)

Gayle Neuman

Gayle Neuman holding the viola da braccio (early violin) and tenor krummhorn

Gayle Stuwe Neuman, a performer on violin, recorder, sackbutt, and many other instruments, is also a vocalist who has received international acclaim for her renditions of the “Song of Seikilos,” the “Chorus from Orestes,” and others upon the release of Ensemble De Organographia’s CD Music of the Ancient Greeks. Several of the tracks from that recording have also appeared in the Norton Scores Recorded Anthology of Western Music, and numerous films and television programs.  She appears in the recent award-winning film “Buddymoon” directed by Alex Simmons, and recorded music for the 2016 film “Ben-Hur.”  She has performed for audiences in the U.S., Japan, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Canada, Norway, Germany, and for members of the royal family in Jordan.  She co-founded and co-directs the Oregon Renaissance Band, now in its 29th season.  Gayle is a member of the Trail Band and has performed with Cappella Romana and the Portland Baroque Orchestra Chorus.  She has played under the baton of Monica Huggett and Ton Koopman.  She teaches Recorder, Collegium Musicum and Renaissance Song classes at Portland’s Community Music Center.  She has given workshops and presentations at many institutions including Oberlin Conservatory, Rice University, Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Getty Center.  She has built with her husband Phil over 400 early wind and stringed instruments including krummhorns, cornamusen, racketts, and vielles.
She composed and arranged music for the 2015 production of “Mary Stuart” directed by Elizabeth Huffman for Northwest Classical Theatre.

April 5, 2020; 2-4 pm: Laura Kuhlman  CANCELLED

See September, above.

April 26, 2020; 2-5 pm: Member’s Cabaret and Potluck TO BE ANNOUNCED

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