PRS Oct 2020 Meeting with Vicki

Music to Download

Use these links to download the sheet music for the October 2020 PRS meeting with Vicki Boeckman! There are 2 pages of articulation details, 5 choices of parts for a Chiaconi Adagio (download as many parts as you want), and 1 Schein Suite score.

8-V-Schein Suite V – Score

7-V-Ciaconi Adagio Score – 001

6-V-Ciaconi Adagio Part 2 T or A

5-V-Ciaconi Adagio Part 1 A or T

4-V-Ciaconi Adagio F BASS Part 3

3-V-Ciaconi Adagio C BASS Part 4

2-V-Basics of Baroque Articulation

1-V-Articulation patterns

Use these audio files to listen to the dances in Schein Suite V. You can play along with the file to practice.

Schein V – Courante

Schein V – Allemande

Schein V – Padouana

Schein V – Gagliarda