ROO Membership 2019-2020

While we are not requiring an audition, all players need to satisfy the following criteria:

  • To own at least SAT recorders.
  • Upper intermediate to advanced playing ability on SATB recorders.
  • Proficient in reading treble and bass clef with both C & F fingerings
  • Proficient in reading and playing up to three sharps and flats key signatures
  • Proficient in reading and playing a 2-octave chromatic scale in both C & F fingering
  • Good sight-reading ability; upper intermediate to advanced reading ability
  • Commitment to two rehearsals per month (September to April/May)
  • Commitment to home practicing for more concentrated rehearsals
  • Commitment to perform on at least two concerts per season.

To better help you with determining your skill level, we ask that you download Tish Berlin’s and Francis Blaker’s self evaluation. Please fill it out and return with your application form. The download can be found at: or on the PS website.

Membership dues cover the cost of rehearsal and concert space, music purchase and copy, and conductor compensation. Full season membership, September to May, is $250.

Please mail all materials to Laura Kuhlman, 2110 SE Stephens, Portland, OR 97214.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Laura Kuhlman at: email: or cell phone: 630.240.3489.