December, 2019, The Royal Wind Music

Royal Wind

The Royal Wind Music (RWM) is a world-renowned Recorder ensemble based out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The group was founded in 1997 by Paul Leenhouts, and currently consists of 13 former students at the Conservatorium von Amsterdam. RWM plays on a set of custom made instruments, modeled after historical Renaissance instruments found in the Art History Museum (‘Kunsthistorisches Museum’) in Vienna. The ensemble’s 34 renaissance recorders vary from a 15cm sopranino in G to an almost 3-meter long sub-contrabass recorder designed in 1998 by recorder makers Adriana Breukink, Winfried Hackl, and Paul Leenhouts.

Apart from touring around the world, and hosting major events such as the Open Recorder Days Amsterdam (October 2019), that have produced a number of CDs and publications of fantastic historical, modern, and newly commissioned work for recorder orchestra. See below for links to their performances on YouTube.

The Royal Wind Music is personally one of my favorite groups to listen to, and hopefully soon one of yours as well! Recorder music around the world is truly amazing and this group has been a pioneer is spreading and advancing the genre of the recorder choir.

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