PRS November 2021 Meeting with the Renaissance Trio

My Favorite Tunes!

A journey of trio exploration 2021 (Click below for the music)

Hello friends! Join me and my colleagues, Gayle and Phil Neuman, on Sunday, November 7th, 2021, as we guide you through some of my favorite tunes of 2021. Since the pandemic started in 2020, the Oregon Renaissance Band Trio has been playing music together and leading 10-week online sessions. We have uncovered so many great tunes scored for three voices. We welcome you into our rehearsal room (via Zoom) to discover these delightful trios and to play along with us in real time.

Playing together via Zoom allows us to share with you our rehearsal techniques, our knowledge of the music, and how we can help you create informed decisions about making this music come alive. With names like Machaut, Josquin, Purcell, Byrd, and Anonymous, how can we go wrong?

This session is open to players of all levels and to instruments of all kinds. The trio will play on elegant mixtures of strings, exciting combinations of double reeds, the ever-popular recorder, and of course my personal favorite, the bagpipe! You are welcome to play along with us on any instrument you care to play or even try your voice at singing! You can play any line you want! Because we will play each piece more than once, you can try another line! I am telling you; it is a 90-minute play fest of my favorite tunes of 2021!

See you online! Laura Kuhlman.

This music is for the use and enjoyment of this particular workshop and is
protected by copyright. The music is for educational purposes only. Please do not
distribute this music outside this workshop.

Click here to download the music for the November playing session.