PRS October 2021 Meeting with the Neumans

Both High and Low

(Scolll down and click to download the music)

Gayle and Phil Neuman are players of a wide variety of early wind and string instruments and have received international acclaim for their recordings of ancient and early music including Ensemble De Organographia’s “Music of the Ancient Greeks” and the Norton Scores Recorded Anthology of Western Music, and in music for numerous films and television programs. They appear in the award-winning film “Buddymoon” and in the original soundtrack for the recent film “Ben-Hur.” They have performed in the U.S., Japan, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Canada, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and for members of the royal family in Jordan. They co-founded and co-direct the Oregon Renaissance Band, and have performed with American Bach Soloists, Magnificat, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, Mercury Baroque Orchestra, and the Handel and Haydn Society Orchestra. They teach early music ensemble classes at the Community Music Center in Portland, and the ‘Consort Class’ online through the Early Music Guild of Oregon. They have given workshops and presentations at the Smithsonian Institution, Oberlin Conservatory, Rice University, Cleveland Museum of Art, the Getty Center and the Getty Villa. They have built over 450 early wind and stringed instruments including douçaines, krummhorns, cornamusen, racketts, and vielles, and recently published two volumes of duets by Jean de Castro.

Phil and Gayle Neuman

Attached is the music for the Oct. 3rd PRS session, and the list of
the pieces (in the order we’ll play them and the order they will print out) is below:

1. Et haut et bas
2. O mistress mine
3. Of all the birds
4. Pleni sunt caeli
5. Benedictus
6. Ricercar 16
7. Sonata 9 Alla breve (you may want to print out only one of the parts, either AB or ST)
8. Der May
9. O combien est malheureux
10. Das jägerhorn

This music is for the use and enjoyment of this particular workshop and is
protected by copyright. The music is for educational purposes only. Please do not
distribute this music outside this workshop.

Click here to download the music for the October 3rd PRS playing session.