PRS April 2021 Meeting with Glen Shannon

Glen Shannon (b. 1966) is a composer and recorder enthusiast living in El Cerrito, CA where he a member of the East Bay (CA) Recorder Society and newly appointed Co-Director of the Barbary Coast Recorder Orchestra. His love of straightforward, approachable music for the recorder has garnered him several prizes in composition contests since 1997, including the Chicago and Washington, DC Recorder Societies, the ARS and the former Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet. Members of the former Flanders Recorder Quartet, Tom Beets and Joris Van Goethem, have commissioned works from him for their advanced-level “AirForce” workshops in the UK and Northern Europe, and they most recently commissioned a Bass-Contrabass duet that they recorded for their first CD, as the duo FR2. Glen publishes his music under his own name at, and has also had works published by Moeck Verlag, PRB Productions, Loux Music Publishing Company, the European recorder magazines “Recorder”in the UK and “Blokfluitist” in the Netherlands, and the American Recorder Society. Performances of some of his works can be found on YouTube at Glen is active in the American Recorder Society as editor of the quarterly Members’ Library Editions, a series introducing new recorder music to the worldwide membership, and is the editor of the annual ARS Play-the-Recorder-Month piece that appears with the Winter edition of the American Recorder magazine.

This music is for the use and enjoyment of this particular workshop, and is
protected by copyright. This music is for educational purposes only. Please do not
distribute this music outside this workshop.

‘La la la”: An Afternoon of Amusing French Chansons

Click here to download de Sermisy: #1 “Allez souspirs”

Click here to download Heurteur: #2 “Hellas! Amour qui sçais certainement”

Click here to download Certon: #3 “[La, la, la,] Je ne l’ose, dire”

Click here to download Jacotin (le Bel): #4 “Mari, je songeai l’autre jour”

Click here to download Certon; #5 “Que n’est elle auprés de moi”

Click here to download Passereau: #6 “Il est bel et bon”

Click here to download Janequin: #7 “Or bien ça, vien, m’amie”

Click here to download the Lyrics and Youtube links for the songs.