PRS December 2021 Meeting with Jennifer Carpenter

Jennifer Carpenter
Jennifer Carpenter

What Madness! The virus has bested us again, the madness of it all! We’ll channel our
frustrations by exploring tunes that depict madness (La Follia!), drunkenness, and sadness.
Composers that have gone mad? Sure, we’ve got those, too! Join the Portland Recorder
Society and revel in some “mad” music that will leave you feeling delighted. Click on the music below to print out the part you wish to play (you can print all if you wish).

This music is for the use and enjoyment of this particular workshop and is
protected by copyright. The music is for educational purposes only. Please do not
distribute this music outside this workshop.

Purcell: Come Let Us Drink! (AAATB)

Purcell Come, Let Us Drink – Alto Parts.pdf
Purcell Come, Let Us Drink – Full Score.pdf
Purcell Come, Let Us Drink – Tenor and Bass-1.pdf

Purcell: Wine in a Morning (SSSB or TTTB)

Purcell Wine in a Morning – Full Score-2.pdf

Gesualdo: O dolorosa gioia (AATTB)

Gesualdo O dolorosa gioia – Alto 1 and 2.pdf
Gesualdo O dolorosa gioia – Tenors and Bass-1.pdf
Gesualdo O dolorosa gioia score.pdf

Purcell: O Let Me Weep (ATTB or ASTB)

Purcell O Let Me Weep! – Alto and Tenor.pdf
Purcell O Let Me Weep! – Full Score.pdf
Purcell O Let Me Weep! – Tenor and Bass-1.pdf

Landi: Passacaglia della Vita (AATBB)

Landi Passacaglia della Vita – Altos and Tenor.pdf
Landi Passacaglia della Vita – Full Score.pdf
Landi Passacaglia della Vita – Parts-1.pdf

Geminiani: La Follia (SAATB)

Geminiani La Follia – Alto 1 – Alto 1.pdf
Geminiani La Follia – Alto 2-1.pdf
Geminiani La Follia – Full Score.pdf
Geminiani La Follia – Soprano – Soprano.pdf
Geminiani La Follia – Tenor and Bass.pdf