PRS February 2021 Meeting with Greta Haug-Hryciw

Greta Haug-Hryciw had her initial recorder experience with the San Francisco branch of the New York Recorder Workshop in the early ’70s.  She is a frequent conductor at ARS chapter meetings, and when the pandemic prevented in-person meetings, she took it upon herself to conduct meetings online in May last year for the San Francisco Recorder Society. Greta is a co-founder and co-director of the Barbary Coast Recorder Orchestra with Frances Feldon, and assistant director for the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra (MPRO) with Frederic Palmer. A San Francisco native with musical roots in the San Francisco Bay Area classical and early music scenes that span three generations, Greta loves having an active part in the recorder community. She teaches students of all ages, coaches ensembles of all sizes and is a frequent director’s assistant at summer workshops. Now the Director of Patron Services for the highly acclaimed non-profit arts organization Voices of Music, Greta also serves on the ARS Board of Directors. She and her husband Lloyd live at the edge of the Pacific Ocean on the San Mateo County (CA) coast.

Watch this space for information about how to download the music ahead of time for the meeting on February 14th, 2:00 pm.

This music is for the use and enjoyment of this particular session and is
protected by copyright. The music is for educational purposes only. Please do not
distribute this music outside this session.

Near the Greenwoods (Score and Parts)

Click here to download “Near the Greenwoods”

Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (Score)

Click here to download “Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair”

Shitamachi no Taiyö (Score and Parts)

Click here to download “Shitamachi no Taiyö”

Singing in the Rain (Score and Parts)

Click here to download “Singing in the Rain”

Moonrise (Score and Parts)

Click here to download “Moonrise”